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Web site last updated: 12 August 2018

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governmentattic.org provides electronic copies of thousands of interesting Federal Government documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  Fascinating historical documents, reports on items in the news, oddities and fun stuff and government bloopers, they're all here.  Think of browsing this site as rummaging through the Government's Attic -- hence our name.   Our motto: Videre licet.

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NOTE: links to newly added items are live on this page.  Permanent storage of links will remain on the main index pages available through either the "FOIA LOGS" or "DOCUMENTS" links above.

Newly added files listings/links:

NEW Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Overview of the 9/11 Investigation Slide Show, 2014 - [PDF 24 MB 13-Aug-2018]

NEW Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) a copy of each "canned" Power Point presentations presented to outside organizations by Zack Wilske and/or Marian Smith of the CIS History Office, 2008, 2016 - [PDF 4.6 MB 13-Aug-2018]

NEW Litigation records from the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) content manager e-storage system with a settlement or judgement of $1000 or more, 2005-2016 - [PDF 191 MB 13-Aug-2018]
NOTE: This is a large file; 191 Megabytes, containing over 9000 pages of records

NEW Two (2) Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) policy documents, 2017, 2014 - [PDF 26 MB 13-Aug-2018]

NEW Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) Training Materials developed on collaborating and negotiating over space-related matters such as office layout, work space allocations per employee and equipment, 2015 - [PDF 11 MB 13-Aug-2018]

NEW A copy of each email that contains any of these words: TWEET, TWEETS, TWEETED, TWEETING, TRUMP, PRESIDENT; from the email accounts of four specific Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) employees, May 31-June 01 2018 - [PDF 22 MB 06-Aug-2018]

NEW National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) John H. Glenn Research Center (GRC) AeroSpace Frontiers newsletters, volume 15 issues 1-11, January-December 2013 - [PDF 27 MB 06-Aug-2018]

NEW Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) manual for operations at the National Wildlife and Eagle Repository, 2013 - [PDF 4.4 MB 06-Aug-2018]

UPDATED List of Cases Pending Vote Before the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB), 2017, 2018 - [PDF 660 KB 06-Aug-2018]

NEW Closing documents for 32 closed Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations, 2000-2017 - [PDF 37 MB 06-Aug-2018]

NEW Closing documents for 17 closed Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Inspector General (OIG) investigations, 2010-2017 - [PDF 19 MB 06-Aug-2018]

NEW Annual Historical Review, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), FY 1978 - [PDF 8 MB 30-Jul-2018]

NEW Report of the Defense Science Board (DSB) 1981 Summer Study Panel on Technology Base, November 1981 - [PDF 14 MB 30-Jul-2018]

NEW Five (5) Defense Science Board (DSB) reports, 1974-1978 - [PDF 23 MB 30-Jul-2018]

NEW Two (2) releases of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Office of Inspector General (OIG) Audit Report AR 0l-051, (Government Information Security Reform Act) GISRA Security Evaluations Report, 2001 - [PDF 4.5 MB 23-Jul-2018]

NEW Two (2) records created by Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Consumer and Business Education (BCBE) with the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) re: the Cobell Settlement, 2013 - [PDF 700 KB 23-Jul-2018]

NEW Letter correspondence to or from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) in the possession of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) GAO liaison, 2015 - [PDF 4 MB 23-Jul-2018]

NEW Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Business Case Analysis (BCA) for the e-Discovery Support System (eDSS), 2011 - [PDF 2.9 MB 23-Jul-2018]

NEW Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Staff Bulletins and Notices, 2017 - [PDF 2 MB 23-Jul-2018]

NEW Each memo, inventory and description regarding the 4,686,358 foreign gold coins held in storage at the US Mint facility at West Point New York; any records describing coins other than gold held in deep storage at the US Mint facility at West Point, and memos, inventories and/or descriptions of other items of value (other than gold or silver bullion or coins) held at the West Point Mint facility for safekeeping, such as documents, artifacts, historical items, artwork, etc., 2018 - [PDF 17 MB 16-Jul-2018]

NEW Listing of US Mint Directives and Mint-Wide Policy Memoranda, 2017 - [PDF 470 KB 16-Jul-2018]

NEW  2 (Two) US Mint Directives: MD FAP-001-2016 Annual Transfer of Coins, Medals, and Promotional Materials to the Smithsonian Institution and MD 15B-l Inter-Mint Shipments of Coins, Coinage Metals, Bullion and Medals, 2015-2016 - [PDF 490 KB 16-Jul-2018]

NEW US Mint-Wide Policy Memorandums: FIN-08; FIN-09; FIN-10; FIN-11 and Mint Directive MD 8H-3, 2005 - [PDF 2.2 MB 16-Jul-2018]

NEW Listing pages for various United States Mint Directive(s) Chapters, 2017 - [PDF 720 KB 16-Jul-2018]

NEW Experiences 1920-1939, by Brigadier John H. Tiltman - [PDF 870 KB 16-Jul-2018]

NEW Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) printed tour narrative/spiel for the District of Columbia Facility tour, 2018 - [PDF 800 KB 09-Jul-2018]

NEW A copy of each General Services Administration (GSA) Views (or Views Letters), which are statements of the GSA position, thoughts and comments on specific issues or legislation being considered by Congress, 2015-2017 - [PDF 2.4 MB 09-Jul-2018]

NEW  General Services Administration (GSA) records GSA produces that indicates the most recent square foot per person metric for each federal agency, as part of the Presidential Management Agenda (PMA), FY 2016 - [PDF 1 MB 09-Jul-2018]

NEW Chief Financial Officers Council (CFO) Meeting minutes, 2016-2017 - [PDF 1.4 MB 09-Jul-2018]

NEW Federal Real Property Council (FRPC) meeting minutes and agendas, 2016-2017 - [PDF 1 MB 09-Jul-2018]

NEW List of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Inspector General (OIG) investigations closed, July 1, 2008 - December 31, 2011 - [PDF 800 KB 09-Jul-2018]

NEW List of Vacant General Services Administration (GSA) properties from the REXUS (Real Estate Across the United States) database, 2017 - [PDF 500 KB 02-Jul-2018]

NEW List of General Services Administration (GSA) properties from the REXUS (Real Estate Across the United States) database that have been determined to be “excess” or “decommissioned,” 2017 - [PDF 500 KB 02-Jul-2018]

NEW  General Services Administration (GSA) Public Buildings Service activity records, 2016 - [PDF 628 KB 02-Jul-2018]

NEW General Services Administration (GSA) list of lease prospectuses submitted to Congress for the fiscal year 2017 cycle, 2017 - [PDF 959 KB 02-Jul-2018]

NEW U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) Administrative Instructions document compilation, 2014 - [PDF 28 MB 02-Jul-2018]

NEW Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Distribution of Individuals Dangerous to the Security of the US (chart), August 1950 - [PDF 2.3 MB 02-Jul-2018]

NEW Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) $100 Program Wrap Report, 2011 - [PDF 15 MB 25-Jun-2018]

NEW Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) Directives Index, 2017 - [PDF 925 KB 25-Jun-2018]

NEW  Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) currency spoilage reports, 2017 - [PDF 1.8 MB 25-Jun-2018]

NEW FOIA Logs for the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP), 2005-2011 - [PDF 5 MB 25-Jun-2018]

NEW National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) administrative manual and NIST Directives, 2017 - [PDF 77 MB 25-Jun-2018]
NOTE: This is a large file, 77 Megabytes

NEW Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) internal list of general subject matters, addressed by legal opinions, maintained by the RRB Office of General Counsel, 2017 - [PDF 1.3 MB 25-Jun-2018]

NEW Office of the Director National Intelligence (ODNI) Update on the President's Daily Brief (PDB), February 2017 - [PDF 750 KB 18-Jun-2018]

NEW Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Executive Correspondence Handbook, Office of the Executive Secretary, 2015 - [PDF 10 MB 18-Jun-2018]

NEW Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) The Beacon Newsletters, January 2014 - February 2017 - [PDF 59 MB 18-Jun-2018]
NOTE: This is a large file, 59 Megabytes

NEW Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service (FMCS) Directives Manual, 2015 - [PDF 10 MB 18-Jun-2018]

NEW Air Force Safety Center (AFSEC) Space Safety Council (SES) agendas and meeting minutes, 2017 - [PDF 7.1 MB 18-Jun-2018]

NEW Social Security Number (SSN) Verification: Policy, Process, and Recommendations, A Report of the SSN Verification Sub-Team to the Enumeration Response Team, September 2003 - [PDF 1/3 MB 18-Jun-2018]


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